Indicative timetable

Indicative dates for key milestones in the decision making process
Milestone Date*
Consumer and behavioural research conducted March to June 2021

Interim BETA research reports released

Initial consultation

September 2021
Final BETA research report released October 2021
Draft Guideline consultation December 2021 to January 2022
Final Guideline issued March 2022

*Please note this timeline is subject to change.

Working group

We have established a Better Bills Guideline Working Group to enable ongoing consultation with industry and consumer representatives throughout the Better Bills Guideline development process. The group provides feedback and advice on relevant issues, including:

  • our approach to developing the Guideline
  • the balance of prescription and flexibility in the Guideline
  • specific aspects of billing that might be covered by the Guideline (e.g. language and terminology, content, format)
  • the Guideline’s impact on consumers experiencing vulnerability
  • the costs and benefits of changing existing regulations through the Guideline
  • any foreseeable issues in implementing the Guideline.

The Better Bills Guideline Working Group is chaired by the AER and members are drawn from a range of stakeholder organisations, including consumer groups (6), retailers (5), industry bodies (1) and ombudsman schemes (1). A full list of member organisations and their nominated representatives is included in the Terms of Reference.

The first meeting occurred on 14 July 2021, and minutes from each meeting will be published here.