Issues paper - Initial review - regulatory test (December 1999)

Following NEMMCO's rejection of the application for the proposed regulated South Australia–NSW interconnector, the ACCC was approached to undertake a review of the Customer benefits test. The ACCC engaged the firm Ernst & Young to help it conduct the review.

On 20 October 1999 the ACCC authorised changes to the National Electricity Code that included changes to replace the existing Customer benefits test for regulated interconnectors and network augmentations with a market benefit test (regulatory test).

Issues paper - 10 May 2002

On 19 June 2001 the ACCC and the National Electricity Code Administrator (NECA) released a joint statement announcing their commitment to review the current framework for essential new investment. The ACCC agreed to review the regulatory test to ensure that it does not result in a complex and lengthy delays to required investment. The ACCC subsequently released an issues paper and called for submissions.

Submissions - to issues paper

Submissions closed 14 June 2002

NSW Treasury - submission to regulatory test issues paper- 14 June 2002

Department of Treasury (NSW)