Discussion paper

On 11 December 2017 we published a draft report prepared by Sapere Research Group and Merz Consulting for consultation.



Submissions on the draft report closed 9 February 2018.

CitiPower, Powercor & United Energy - Joint submission review of operating environment factors - 9 February 2018

Powercor Australia
United Energy Distribution

Stakeholder forum

We hosted a workshop on Friday 2 March 2018 to give interested stakeholders an opportunity to discuss the key issues raised in their written submissions. Sapere Research Group and Merz Consulting prepared the presentation material to facilitate the workshop discussion.

We also sought further information from distribution network service providers to refine the operating environment factors analysis for a final report.

Consultant reports - Final report

On 15 October 2018, we published a final report prepared by Sapere Research Group and Merz Consulting. The analysis in this report will feature in our 2018 benchmarking report for distribution network service providers which we will publish by 30 November 2018.