The 2024 values of customer reliability (VCR) review covers standard power outages (up to 12 hours) and includes:

  1. reviewing the 2019 VCR methodology
  2. updating the VCR.

Indicative timings

The indicative timings for each stream are set out below.



Information notice published

14 December 2023

Consultation paper on methodology published**22 March 2024

Online stakeholder forum

4 April 2024

Submissions close on consultation paper

23 April 2024

Draft determination on methodology published

5 June 2024

Submissions close on draft determination

3 July 2024

Final determination on methodology publishedLate August 2024
VCR values published using updated methodologyDecember 2024

* Timing is indicative and may change.

** The consultation paper was initially published as a draft determination under the expedited consultation rules procedure. It is now considered a consultation paper following the switch to the standard procedure. 

Information notice

Ahead of our 2024 VCR review, we published an information notice on 14 December 2024 to provide stakeholders with information on the background, reasoning, and scope of the review.

2023-12-14 AER - Information notice - 2024 VCR review

We've released an information notice to tell our stakeholders about our thinking and next steps for the 2024 Values of Customer Reliability (VCR) review.
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