AusNet Services (SP AusNet) - Determination 2014-17

Commencement date: 
28 February 2013
Regulatory period: 
1 April 2014 to 31 March 2017 (3 years)
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The AER is required under Chapter 6A of the National Electricity Rules (NER) to make a transmission determination for SP AusNet in relation to the Victorian electricity transmission network. On 28 February 2013 SP AusNet submitted its revenue proposal, proposed negotiating framework and proposed pricing methodology to the AER.


On 31 January 2014 the AER published its final decision on SP AusNet’s revenue proposal for the three year regulatory control period, 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2017.

The release of the AER's final decision followed an 11 month process of assessing SP AusNet’s revenue proposal. This process involved the release of a draft decision in August 2013 and a revised revenue proposal from SP AusNet in October 2013.

On 4 August 2014, SP AusNet was rebranded as AusNet Services.