Murraylink - Regulatory conversion and revenue cap 2003-12

Commencement date: 
18 October 2002
Regulatory period: 
1 October 2003 to 30 June 2012 (9 years)


On 18 October 2002, the ACCC received an application from the Murraylink Transmission Company (MTC), on behalf of the Murraylink Transmission Partnership (MTP), seeking a decision by the ACCC that:

  • the network service provided by Murraylink be determined to be a 'prescribed service' for the purposes of the National Electricity Code (code) and
  • for the provision of this prescribed service, MTP be eligible to receive the maximum allowable revenue from transmission customers (through a coordinating network service provider (NSP) for a regulatory period commencing from 2003 - 2012.

On the 1 October 2003, the ACCC released its decision in relation to Murraylink's application to convert its market network service to a regulated network service.  The decision draws on Murraylink's application, consultancy reports, submissions from interested parties and other information presented to the ACCC during the course of its deliberations.