Australian Gas Networks - Future capital expenditure determination - Mount Barker gas network extension

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Date initiated: 
7 June 2018
Effective date: 
31 December 2018
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Australian Gas Networks (AGN) is proposing to construct a high pressure extension and reticulation system to service Mount Barker, as well as industry in Monarto South and Kanmantoo (South Australia).

AGN has submitted an application seeking an advanced determination with regard to this capital expenditure which will be undertaken 2019-20 and 2020-21 (under rule 80 of the National Gas Rules (NGR)).  It is seeking a determination that confirms that the capital expenditure is conforming (under rule 79 of the NGR) so that it will be included in the regulatory asset base as part of its 2021-26 Access Arrangements.  Previously the AER considered and rejected the Mount Barker extension when AGN submitted its Access Arrangement for 2016 to 2021.

The application has been made within the current access arrangement period (2016-2021).  We have decided to undertake a public consultation before making a determination.

We are seeking views on AGN’s Business Case and the assumptions and supporting documents.

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