Better Resets Handbook - Towards consumer-centric network proposals

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Date initiated: 
19 August 2021
General enquiries - Regulatory Innovation


The Better Resets Handbook - Towards consumer-centric network proposals (the Handbook) aims to incentivise networks to develop high quality proposals which are driven by genuine engagement with consumers. This will lead to regulatory outcomes that better reflect the long-term interests of consumers.

Regulatory proposals which are developed through genuine engagement with consumers and meet our expectations for forecast expenditure, depreciation and tariff structure statements are more likely to be largely or wholly accepted at the draft decision stage, creating a more efficient regulatory process for all stakeholders.

We consider that this will also will lead to many other benefits including; improved relationships and understanding between networks and consumers, greater faith from all parties in regulatory processes and the generation of new ideas and regulatory approaches that benefit both customers and networks.

Have your say

On Wednesday, 6 October 2021 the AER will hold an online forum to brief you on the draft Handbook and hear your feedback. Register to attend.

We are also seeking submissions on the draft Handbook; our proposed new approach to resets aimed at strengthening customer engagement and creating a more efficient process to drive better outcomes for consumers. Submissions close 20 October 2021.