Networks information requirements review

Date initiated: 
23 March 2022
Effective date: 
23 March 2022
General enquiries - Networks information requirements review
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The AER has commenced a review of the information it collects from and about regulated electricity networks.

At its core, the Networks Information Requirements Review project (the review) is about driving improvements in the quality of the information about regulated networks that we use and share. Quality improvements are expected from increased consistency, and clarity about data inter-relationships. In addition, we expect to reap substantial efficiencies in the processing and ongoing management of networks information, and enable regulated business that provide information to us to also improve their efficiency for information reporting.

Key outputs from this review will be a new regulatory information instrument setting out our information requirements and a clear process and timing for future updates to information requirements. The new regulatory information instrument imposes annual reporting obligations on the regulated network businesses, and will be issued by the AER using information gathering powers under the National Electricity Law (NEL). In parallel to this review we will commence a program of work enabling the transition to better information exchange technologies.

Updated timing

The AER has decided to defer releasing draft Annual Information Orders while we continue to address the issues raised on the preliminary Annual Information Orders. This means we will publish and seek feedback on the draft Annual Information Orders by December 2023, and the final Annual Information Orders in March 2024.

We have made this decision after considering feedback from stakeholders across a wide range of issues raised in response to the Preliminary Orders. We have also considered the high volume of activity facing all participants in the energy sector.

The deferral of the draft Annual Information Orders will have the key consequence of delaying the application of the Orders until the 2024–25 reporting year. We are now proposing the Orders will apply for the reporting years from 2024–25 to 2027–28. This outcome is supported by the regulated electricity networks and will allow more time for changes in their reporting processes and systems to be developed, as well as more time for information requirements to be refined. The AER notes that current information reporting obligations will remain in place for the 2023-24 reporting year, minimising the risk of ‘data gaps’ arising in our existing information requirements.

The deferral will also apply to the draft Annual Information Notice being prepared for Power and Water Corporation.

If you have any questions or wish to further discuss the change in timelines, please email our dedicated inbox:


23 March 2022, the AER released a discussion paper.

25 January 2023, the AER released preliminary Regulatory Information Orders (preliminary Orders) and an accompanying explanatory statement.

23 March 2023, the AER released a preliminary Annual Information Notice (Notice) for Power and Water Corporation.