Networks information requirements review

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Date initiated: 
23 March 2022
Effective date: 
23 March 2022
General enquiries - Networks information requirements review
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The AER has commenced a review of the information it collects from and about regulated electricity networks. 

At its core, the Networks Information Requirements Review project (the review) is about driving improvements in the quality of the information about regulated networks that we use and share. Quality improvements are expected from increased consistency, and clarity about data inter-relationships. In addition, we expect to reap substantial efficiencies in the processing and ongoing management of networks information, and enable regulated business that provide information to us to also improve their efficiency for information reporting.

Key outputs from this review will be a new regulatory information instrument setting out our information requirements and a clear process and timing for future updates to information requirements. The new regulatory information instrument imposes annual reporting obligations on the regulated network businesses, and will be issued by the AER using information gathering powers under the National Electricity Law (NEL). In parallel to this review we will commence a program of work enabling the transition to better information exchange technologies.

23 March 2022, we invited submissions on our discussion paper. This initiated our public process which is aimed at all participants in the energy sector, including regulated networks, energy consumers, policymakers and energy sector analysts.  We also held a series of workshops to address issues raised in relation to data requirements between July and September 2022. We have published the submissions received and the workshop materials.

25 January 2023, the AER released preliminary Regulatory Information Orders (preliminary Orders) and an accompanying explanatory statement and invite stakeholder feedback by 31 March 2023.

We hope to finalise the new instruments by September 2023.