Regulatory information order

On 25 January 2023, the AER published its preliminary Annual Information Orders (preliminary Orders) and accompanying explanatory statement, which applies to electricity transmission, interconnector and distribution networks. The preliminary Orders set out our information requirements and a clear process and timing for future updates to information requirements.

Explanatory statement

On 25 January 2023, the AER released preliminary Annual Information Orders (preliminary Orders) and an accompanying explanatory statement for stakeholder feedback.



Network businesses and other interested parties were invited to make submissions on our preliminary Orders (including data requirements) and explanatory statement by 31 March 2023.

CPPALUE - Submission in response to Preliminary RIO - 11 April 2023

CitiPower / Powercor / United Energy

ENA Response - AER Networks Information Requirements Review - 31 March 2023

Energy Networks Australia (ENA)

SAPN - Preliminary RIO submission - 14 April 2023

SA Power Networks

Regulatory information notice - Power and Water Corporation

As outlined in our Explanatory Statement published January 2023, Power and Water Corporation have been excluded from the Annual Distribution Order. This is because, compared to other distributions networks in the national electricity market (NEM), Power and Water Corporation:

  • is smaller in network size
  • undertakes unique functions such as management of the technical code, market dispatch operations and transmission functions
  • has community service obligations to remote communities
  • is transitioning to NEM arrangements.

Our decision to exclude Power and Water from the Orders will be reviewed in the future, as part of an ongoing four yearly review cycle for the Orders and Notice.

The reporting obligations for Power and Water Corporation are defined in the Annual Regulatory Information Notice below. 

To develop the Notice we amended the Distribution Order, including the following changes:

  • reference to Order changed to Notice
  • legal detail updated to refer only to PWC
  • references to electricity distributors changed to Power and Water Corporation
  • definitions updated to reflect PWC does not connect to a transmission network
  • validation rules allow for more NULL responses
  • data requirements and definitions for public lighting removed
  • maximum demand data requirements changed to reflect 3 separate distribution networks

We have also provided a register of changes made to the data workbooks for Power and Water Corporation.