Directlink network information - Regulatory accounts

RIN responses
Release date: 
31 October 2022


The AER collects information from regulated businesses in order to undertake its functions. The AER publishes non-confidential information received from regulated businesses in order to support effective and transparent regulatory process and ensure that stakeholders can access information on issues affecting their interests.

Annual Reporting  information is collected to allow the AER to monitor network business outcomes against the determinations, develop performance reports and prepare for future determinations. It should be used with caution if trying to compare outcomes of different businesses as, unlike benchmarking information, it generally reflects the business specific definitions and arrangements that applied at the time of each businesses regulatory determination, which are not always directly comparable between businesses. The AER will issue performance reports separately.

Information is also collected from relevant businesses at the time of their regulatory determinations and is available via the Determinations and Access Arrangements web page.

Information provided by regulated businesses may be updated at any time. Please use the AER website subscription service and select 'Performance Reports' to ensure you are notified of any updates.