Issue date

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has published the final pipeline information disclosure guidelines (Guidelines) and accompanying templates. The final guidelines and templates address key issues raised during the consultation process and operationalise the prescribed transparency information and compression and storage terms and prices under the gas pipeline reforms, which commenced in March 2023.

On 27 October 2023, the AER published the:

  • pipeline information disclosure guidelines
  • explanatory note to the pipeline information disclosure guidelines
  • Part 10 financial reporting template including the pricing template (for gas pipeline users)
  • Part 10 basis of preparation template
  • Part 10 financial reporting template and basis of preparation template handbook
  • Part 18A price reporting guidelines (found within the Guidelines)
  • Part 18A actual prices payable template (for stand-alone compression and storage facility users)

About the gas pipeline information disclosure guidelines

The Guidelines are intended to improve transparency and the bargaining power of gas pipeline users. They set out the prescribed transparency information that service providers of both scheme and non-scheme pipelines must publish.

The Guidelines, financial template and pricing template apply to all gas pipeline service providers under Part 10 of the National Gas Rules.

About the pricing template 

The pricing template allows pipeline users to transform financial information published by a service provider in the Part 10 financial template into pricing benchmarks for each pipeline service. These benchmarks will assist pipeline users to negotiate a fair price for access to pipeline services.

About the Part 18A price reporting guidelines

Part 18A of the National Gas Rules sets out the information disclosure requirements for storage and compression facilities for the first time. Service providers of these facilities must now publish standing terms (including standing prices) and actual prices payable.


In March 2023, the gas pipeline reforms to the National Gas Law and the National Gas Rules commenced, facilitating the establishment of a simpler regulatory framework to support the safe, reliable and efficient use of and investment in gas pipelines.

Under the gas pipeline reforms, the AER is required to publish information disclosure guidelines, which applies to all pipeline service providers. It is also required to publish price reporting guidelines, which applies to all service providers of stand-alone storage and compression facilities. To ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach, the AER undertook the following consultation activities.

An overview of the gas pipeline reforms is available from the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water website.