Network performance report
Release date

The Electricity network performance report 2023 sets out our analysis of key outcomes and trends in the operational and financial performance data we collect from electricity networks. Later this year we plan to release a similar report for fully regulated gas pipelines.

The network performance reports aim to be accessible information resources that improve transparency and accountability around how NSPs are performing under the regulatory regime, thereby encouraging improved performance. Analysing network performance against forecasts and benchmarks helps us and others to understand the effectiveness of the regulatory regime; thereby supporting informed engagement, data-driven debate, and continuous improvement.

The report includes our analysis of data provided by the electricity distribution networks (DNSPs) and transmission networks (TNSPs) we regulate. The analysis is focused on the provision of core regulated services. These are:

  • Standard Control Services for electricity DNSPs, and
  • Prescribed Transmission Services for electricity TNSPs.

Along with the report we have published the following material that supports our analysis.

  • Explanatory notes - the explanatory notes explain calculation and interpretation of the financial performance measures.
  • Infographics - summarising key information from the operational and financial performance datasets.
  • The financial performance dataset - sets out our calculation and analysis of the profitability measures. There is a single dataset for both electricity DNSPs and TNSPs, covering 2014 to 2022. We publish a separate illustrative model that uses proxy data to show how we calculate the return on regulated equity.
  • The operational performance datasets - set out key operational performance metrics. There are separate datasets for DNSPs and TNSPs, these are a continuation of our performance data publications that began in 2018 and cover 2006 to 2022.

This report was originally published on 7 July 2023 and was republished with updated data on 21 July 2023.