Stakeholder engagement framework review 2016-17

Date initiated: 
17 October 2016
Effective date: 
30 September 2017
General enquiries - Stakeholder engagement framework review (02) 6243 1329


At the AER we recognise that the decisions we make and the actions we take in performing our roles and activities affect a wide range of individuals, businesses and organisations. Effective and meaningful engagement with all our stakeholders across the range of our functions is therefore essential to fulfilling our role.

In June 2017, we published a draft revised Stakeholder engagement framework (the Framework) which explains our proposed changes to the Framework and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to give us further feedback. In the consultation paper, we explain how this feedback has influenced the draft revised Framework and our proposed steps to implement it.

We invited interested parties to make submissions on the draft Framework and on 22 September we published the final Framework.


Our Stakeholder Engagement Framework, published in October 2013, sets out the principles that guide our public engagement with consumers, energy businesses and other stakeholders affected by our activities. It provides a structure that allows stakeholders’ needs and interests to be consistently, transparently and meaningfully considered in our activities, including those processes through which we reach decisions.

As part of our commitment to continually improving the effectiveness of our engagement we are now reviewing this Framework, and using this opportunity to explore and action some of the feedback we received in our 2016 Stakeholder survey.

We held a stakeholder workshop on 23 February 2017. Documentation relating to the workshop and a summary of the workshop discussions is available under the Initiation milestone.