AER approved hardship policies

The Retail Law requires energy retailers to publish their hardship policy on their website. These policies apply to residential customers in Tasmania, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and New South Wales.

For customers in other states, please refer to retailer's contact details.

Customer hardship policies

Since 2 April 2019, retailers must comply with the Customer Hardship Policy Guideline when submitting new or varied customer hardship policies. Retailers with hardship policies approved before 2 April 2019 were required to submit a new policy that complies with the new guideline. As of 30 July 2019 the AER had approved the following retailers’ hardship policies. From the date of approval, retailers have 2 months to publish their new policy on their website and provide the AER with the relevant links. We will update the list with links to the approved policies as they are received.

Contact your retailer if you have further questions about their hardship policy.