Application - AMI Budget and Charges Application 2012-15

On 28 February 2011, the five Victorian electricity distributors submitted their AMI budget and charges applications for 2012-15. These applications set out the distributors’ proposed costs for the final years of the AMI rollout in Victoria, as well as charges for these years to cover their proposed costs. Public versions of the DNSPs’ budgets and charges applications are available below. Some DNSPs have provided attachments to their proposals.

The AER will assess the submitted applications by applying a series of tests set out in the Victorian Government’s Order in Council made under Sections 15A and 46D of the Electricity Industry Act 2000 on 28 August 2007, and as amended thereafter. The AER will release a draft decision on the distributors’ budget and charges applications in July 2011, and must make its final decision by 31 October 2011.