On 22 November 2021, AusNet Services submitted an application to the AER under clause 6.6.1 of the National Electricity Rules for a positive pass through of costs related to the 2020-21 Storms in Victoria. AusNet Services’ application proposes to recover $36.2 million from electricity users through an increase in distribution prices in each of the remaining four years of the current regulatory control period, that is, from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2026.



Energy consumers and other interested parties were invited to make submissions on AusNet Services' 2020–21 storms cost pass through application by 21 December 2021.

Revised proposal

On the 14 January 2022, AusNet Services submitted a revised cost pass through amount of $36.5 million, which is an increase of $311,160 in GSL payments over its original application.

AusNet Services - GSL variation letter - January 2022

AusNet Services (D)

Late submissions

We received one submission after the closing date.