Final decision

On 29 April 2022, the AER published its final decision approving a pricing methodology for AEMO's 2022-27 regulatory control period and specifying a negotiated transmission service criteria and negotiating framework.

Explanatory statement - Transmission charges for energy storage

While separate to our final decision, our engagement with stakeholders saw a request for greater clarity on transmission charging for energy storage systems (energy storage). In response, we also published an Explanatory Statement to provide greater clarity on transmission charging arrangements for energy storage and transmission network customers more generally. This statement is relevant across the National Electricity Market.


Pricing methodology

On 31 January 2023, the AER published its final decision on transmission pricing methodologies with amendments for system strength pricing (approved amended pricing methodology). The approved amended pricing methodology supersedes the pricing methodology approved in the AER’s 29 April 2022 final determination. All other aspects of the determination remain as per the AER’s 29 April 2022 final determination.