Indicative timetable

Indicative dates for key milestones in the decision making process
Milestone Date
AER published Framework and Approach paper for ElectraNet July 2016
ElectraNet submitted revenue proposal to AER 28 March 2017
AER to publish issues paper 25 May 2017
AER to hold public forum on revenue proposal and issues paper 7 June 2017
Submissions on revenue proposal close 7 July 2017
AER to publish draft transmission determination end October 2017*
AER to hold public forum on draft transmission determination November 2017
ElectraNet to submit revised revenue proposal to AER 2 January 2018*
Submissions on draft determination close 2 January 2018*
Submissions on revised revenue proposal close 29 January 2018*
AER to publish final transmission determination 30 April 2018

*Note this is our expected timeframe and actual dates may differ.

Regulatory proposal

Extension of time to submit

On 14 October 2016, ElectraNet wrote to the AER requesting a delay for the submission of its revenue proposal. ElectraNet submitted that, given the extenuating circumstances arising from the system black incident on 28 September 2016, it faces significant resource challenges in meeting the proposal due date of 31 January 2017.

The AER appreciates the unique challenges faced by ElectraNet as a result of this event. We also recognise ElectraNet's efforts in undertaking early engagement with stakeholders in developing its revenue proposal which we consider will result in increased certainty in the revenue proposal.

Accordingly we have accepted an 8 week delay for ElectraNet to submit its revenue proposal on 28 March 2017.