Indicative timetable

Indicative dates for key milestones in the decision-making process



AER consultation on need to amend or replace the Framework and Approach (F&A)

by 30 November 2023

AER issues decision on need to amend or replace the F&A

by 31 December 2023

AER publishes position paper on F&A

February 2024

AER publishes F&A for United Energy

by 31 July 2024

United Energy submits its regulatory proposal to AER

31 January 2025

AER publishes an issues paper and holds a public forum

March/April 2025**

Submissions on regulatory proposal close

May 2025

AER publishes draft determination decision

by 30 September 2025

AER holds a pre-determination conference

October 2025

United Energy submits revised regulatory proposal to AER

December 2025

Submissions on revised regulatory proposal and draft decision close

January 2026

AER publishes distribution determination for regulatory control period

by 30 April 2026

* This is an indicative timetable and is subject to change.

** The date provided is based on the AER receiving compliant proposals. The date may be altered if we receive non-compliant proposals.

Consultation - To amend or replace United Energy's Framework and Approach

On 14 November 2023, the AER released a Notice on whether to amend or replace the current United Energy framework and approach (F&A).




Energy consumers and other interested parties were invited to make submissions on whether it is desirable to amend or replace United Energy's current F&A by 4 December 2023. No submissions were received.


On 14 December 2023, the AER issued a decision to replace United Energy's Framework and Approach.