Supporting information

The Australian Government has indicated to the AER that it will expand the Regulations effective 1 July 2020 to cover:

  • residential 'time of use' (flexible) customers; and
  • residential and small business customers with solar PV systems.

Indicative timetable

Proposed timeline to determine the default market offer prices applying for 2020–21
Milestone Date*
Release position paper for consultation 19 September 2019
Submissions due on position paper 18 October 2019
Public forum 26 November 2019
Publish draft determination 10 February 2020
Submission due on draft determination 9 March 2020
Further consultation over this period as required February to early April 2020
Publish final determination 30 April 2020
Retailer implementation May to June 2020
DMO 2020–21 in force 1 July 2020

*Please note this timeline is subject to change.