Final determination

On 30 April 2020 the AER released its final determination on the default market offer (DMO) price for 2020–21.

The residential usage profiles spreadsheet is provided for retailers. It contains the same information as the hourly usage allocations in Appendix F of our final determination.

Consultant reports

ACIL Allen Consulting has supported us in the design of a forecasting approach for wholesale and environmental costs. The report Default Market Offer: Estimating wholesale and environmental costs for 2020–21 by ACIL Allen Consulting was published alongside the final determination on 30 April 2020.

We published ACIL Allen’s modelling data for the cost of energy. The information contained in the modelling data is set out in the ACIL Allen report for our final determination.


The model calculates the wholesale electricity, network and environment regulation costs faced by retailers for 2020–21 for each area and customer type. The information contained in the model is already set out in the DMO 2020–21 final determination.