Consultation paper - Options paper

The AER published an options paper as part of the 'Review of consumer protections for future energy services', formerly known as the 'Retailer authorisation and exemption review'. 

The AER's preliminary position is that the current regulatory framework will not be fit for purpose for the future energy market. Emerging energy products and services are not likely to fall under the current energy consumer protection framework. However, they are likely to bring new risks and there is a strong case for considering whether additional energy-specific consumer protections are needed to protect consumers. 

We sought stakeholder feedback on the three reform model options for the future consumer protections framework. The reform model options were intended to stimulate discussion and stakeholder feedback will help decide which model(s), or model elements, should be further developed. 

The options paper sets out: 

  • The purpose of the options paper
  • A background to our Review 
  • Our analysis to date, including: 
    • an overview of our risk analysis process and how it will feed into the development of our final recommendations
    • short summaries of stakeholder feedback received in response to our April issues paper 
  • How we intend to address embedded network issues in our review 
  • A high-level overview of the three potential reform models. The three model options are: 
    • Model 1: Tiered conditional authorisation framework, with reduced exemption framework 
    • Model 2: Authorisation framework based on regulatory principles
    • Model 3: Outcomes-based regulatory framework

Stakeholder forum

The AER hosted an in-person public forum on 16 November. It involved a deep dive into each of the reform options and allowed stakeholders to provide their preliminary feedback. 

A record of the public forum can be found in the below document.

AER - Stakeholder forum presentation slides - November 2022

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Written submissions closed on 16 December 2022. We received 13 written submissions. 

Late submissions

We received 11 submissions after the closing date. 

CCIA - Submission to AER review of consumer protections for future energy services - options paper - 3 February 2023

Caravan & Camping Industry Association NSW (CCIA)
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SACOSS - Submission to AER review of consumer protections for future energy services - options paper - 14 February 2023

South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS)
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