Customer Service Incentive Scheme

Date initiated: 
22 July 2019
Effective date: 
30 April 2020
Regulatory Innovation enquiries, Mr Mark McLeish


The AER is considering whether to make a Small Scale Incentive Scheme for Customer Service. The Scheme would reward Electricity Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) for improving their customer service, or penalise them if service deteriorates. We consider that this could improve the incentives available for DNSPs to recognise the value of customer service. 

Invitation for Submissions

We are currently seeking stakeholder feedback in response to our Issues Paper, published on 22 July 2019. The issues paper seeks views on whether a new Scheme is required, and how we could design such a Scheme. Submissions are requested by COB 19 August 2019.

New Reg Trial

The impetus for this consultation is the 'New Reg' Trial. The Trial is a joint initiative between the AER, ENA, ECA and AusNet Services. AusNet Services is conducting the trial of the New Reg process in the development of its regulatory proposal for the 2021-26 period. As part of this trial AusNet has negotiated a proposed customer service incentive scheme which it has put to the AER.  Further details on AusNet’s consultation, including opportunities to be involved in the consultation can be found on AusNet Services website. For further information on the AER's consultation on New Reg process please see Consultation on New Reg.