Annual Report on Compliance and Performance of the Retail Energy Market 2015–16

Annual performance
Release date: 
22 November 2016


On 22 November 2016, we released our fourth annual report on the performance of the retail energy market. It is a requirement of the National Energy Retail Law that we prepare and publish this report.

The report covers states and territories where the Retail Law applies. These include Tasmania (electricity only) and the ACT from 1 July 2012, South Australia from 1 February 2013, New South Wales from 1 July 2014 and Queensland from 1 July 2015. Our analysis of energy affordability also includes Victoria, as part of the National Electricity Market.

The report provides valuable information about how energy retailers are performing in general, and how households are faring in the energy market.

Specifically, it includes:

  1. An overview of the retail market: retailers’ shares of small and large customer markets, the number of customers on standard and market retail contracts and switching activity.
  2. Energy retailer performance: customer service and complaints, the assistance given to customers experiencing payment difficulties (including hardship programs) and disconnections.
  3. An energy affordability analysis: estimates the annual bills of households, including as a proportion of household disposable income.

This year, our report also includes quick reference color infographics to capture key information for each state and territory. These infographics can be downloaded separately (text alternative versions are also available - see related content).

In addition to publishing the annual report, we also publish data collected from energy retailers each quarter on a range of indicators. This data can be downloaded from our retail performance reporting page.


We are aware that some information may not be accessible to some people. Please contact us at or 1300 585 165 if you need information that is not accessible to you.