Indicative timetable

As required by the National Electricity Rules (NER), AER is preparing to undertake the next transmission determination for Directlink - the interconnector that links the New South Wales and Queensland regions in the National Electricity Market (NEM). The AER’s transmission determination will likely cover the regulatory control period from1 July 2015 to 30 June 2020. Directlink's regulatory proposal is due by 31 May 2014.

The AER must publish a framework and approach paper in anticipation of the transmission determinations. The framework and approach paper will set out the AER’s likely approach in the transmission determination for Directlink on such matters as:

  • service target performance incentive scheme
  • efficiency benefit sharing scheme
  • capital expenditure sharing scheme
  • expenditure forecast assessment guidelines, and
  • whether depreciation will be based on forecast or actual capital expenditure.

Interested parties are encouraged to consider the key dates.

Milestone Date
Indicative dates for key milestones in the decision making process
Framework and approach published 31 January 2014
Transend submits regulatory proposal 31 May 2014
AER to publish draft transmission determination November 2014 *
AER to publish final transmission determination 30 April 2015

Source: NER, chapter 6A
Notes:* The NER does not provide specific timeframes in relation to publishing draft decisions. Accordingly, this date is indicative only.

Please note this timeline is subject to change.