Expenditure forecasting methodology

Revenue proposal

On 2 June 2014 Directlink submitted its revenue proposal, proposed negotiating framework and proposed pricing methodology to the AER.

Supporting information - Appendices


Directlink - Roll Forward Model - May 2014


Directlink - Opex Model - May 2014


Negotiated transmission service criteria

Under clause 6A.9.4 of the NER, the AER's transmission determination for Directlink must set out the Negotiated Transmission Service Criteria (NTSC). The NTSC determined by the AER must give effectr to, and be consistent with, the negotiated transmission service principles set out in clause 6A.9.1 of the NER.

Supporting information - Further supporting information

Directlink has provided other supporting documents which, subject to confidentiality, can be provided to interested stakeholders on request at directlinkrevenueresetataer [dot] gov [dot] au (directlinkrevenuereset[at]aer[dot]gov[dot]au).



Submissions on Directlink's revenue proposal closed 8 August 2014. No submissions were received.

Confidentiality claims

This notice is an approximate indication of the proportion and comparative proportion of material in Directlink's revenue proposal for 2015-19 that is subject to a claim of confidentiality compared to that which is not and with other TNSPs.

Issues paper

On 8 July 2014 the AER released an Issues paper on TransGrid, TasNetworks' (Transend) and Directlink's revenue proposals. This paper aims to draw to stakeholders' attention some of the issues in the service providers' proposals that the AER thinks are likely to be important.

Stakeholder forum

On 10 July 2014, the AER held a public forum in Sydney on the revenue proposals submitted by the NSW electricity transmission network service providers (TNSPs) including Directlink.

A large number of stakeholders attended the forum.

The presentations from the Consumer Challenge Panel are the independent views of CCP members and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AER.