Retail market COVID-19 data dashboards

COVID-19 response
Release date: 
17 December 2021


Following the release of our Statement of Expectations of energy businesses the AER called on retailers to provide additional data on a voluntary basis to enable us to have visibility of the effect of COVID-19 on the retail energy market.

Most of the additional data is a subset of that already provided by retailers as part of the normal quarterly reporting cycle, but on a more frequent basis. 30-90 day debt and alternative debt arrangements are not provided in the normal reporting cycle. The COVID-19 data is also less robust than our quarterly data, due to the voluntary nature of the data provision.

The retail market COVID-19 data dashboards showcase high level trends in the retail market, which assisted the AER and stakeholders in monitoring impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on retail energy markets.

The AER no longer produces the data dashboards, however will continue to monitor the impact of the pandemic using quarterly retail performance data.

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