Expenditure forecasting methodology

On 3 July 2023, Directlink notified the AER of its proposed approach to forecasting expenditure for the 2025-30 period.

Regulatory proposal

On 31 January 2024 Directlink submitted its regulatory proposal for the period 1 July 2025 to 30 June 2030.  

Supporting information

Directlink - Attachment 04d - Business Cases


Directlink – Attachment 07i – RRIN Review


Confidentiality claims

Issues paper

On 26 March 2024, we released an Issues Paper highlighting some of the key elements of Directlink's proposal and identifying the issues that are likely to be the focus of our assessment and engagement with stakeholders. We welcome submissions from stakeholders by 15 May 2024.

Stakeholder forum

Consumer engagement is a valuable input to our determination. Stakeholders can assist in our process by providing their views on aspects of the proposal. 

On 10 April 2024, we hosted an online public forum to allow stakeholders the opportunity to ask questions about Directlink’s 2025-30 revenue proposal. Presentations were delivered by Directlink and the AER. The presentation slides are available below.




Submissions to the Issues Paper closed on the 15 May 2024. The following submissions were received.

For submissions specific to the other 2025–30 businesses, please see the following links:

EUAA - Submission - 2025-30 Electricity Determination - Directlink - May 2024

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