Stakeholder forum

We sought feedback from our Customer Consultative Group at the 10 November 2015 meeting. Members reviewed and discussed an early draft of the framework.

CCG members were supportive of the project and approach. Specific feedback related to: measures to assess the impact of the framework; reviewing payment amounts; and circumstances when detailed discussions about a customer’s financial circumstances may be appropriate.

Stakeholder forum

On 17 November 2015 we hosted a national workshop with more than 30 retailer representatives to discuss the framework.

Key issues discussed related to: the need for the framework to flexible to allow retailers to adapt it to their individual processes and how the impact of the framework could be measured.

Since the forum, we have had further discussions with individual retailers about the framework.

Stakeholder forum - National stakeholder forum

On 28 January 2016, the AER held a national forum for interested stakeholders to discuss revisions to the proposed Draft Framework made following discussions with stakeholders during November and December 2015. Attendees included large, medium and small energy retailers, financial counsellors, consumer advocates, Ombudsmen and other interested organisations.

A summary of the key issues discussed at the meeting can be downloaded below.