Regulatory proposal

On 31 January 2023 TasNetworks submitted its regulatory proposal for its transmission and distribution networks for the period 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2029.


Models - Distribution and Transmission

TasNetworks has also submitted a distribution Service Target Performance Incentive Scheme (STPIS) model - Reliability of Supply - which is too large for us to publish on our website. However we can provide this model on request. Please email AERresets2024-29ataer [dot] gov [dot] au (subject: Request%20for%20large%20file%20-%20TasNetworks%20-%20STPIS%20Model%20Reliability%20of%20Supply%20Distribution%20%28Dec%202022%29) (AERresets2024-29[at]aer[dot]gov[dot]au) to arrange a copy of this model. 

Supporting information

TasNetworks has provided a large number of documents as part of its proposal. In order to publish this information the following Zipped files have been published Investment Evaluation Summaries TN401 - TN407, Investment Evaluation Summaries TN408 - TN421, Investment Evaluation Summaries TN422 - TN434  and TasNetworks Reports TN 501 to TN507. The attachments form part of TasNetworks Combined Proposal and to see a list of the documents included refer to TasNetworks - Combined Proposal Attachment 23 - List of supporting documents - January 2023.

Supporting information - Asset Management Plans

Proposed negotiated distribution service criteria

We have published a Negotiated transmission service criteria for the 2024-29 businesses. We welcome submissions from interested parties and written submissions should be emailed to AERresets2024-29ataer [dot] gov [dot] au (AERresets2024-29[at]aer[dot]gov[dot]au) .Further information on the form of submissions is provided at the Submission step.

Issues paper

On 28 March 2023, we released an Issues Paper highlighting some of the key elements of TasNetworks proposal. We welcome submissions from stakeholders by 12 May 2023.

Stakeholder forum

On 4 April 2023, we hosted an online public forum to allow stakeholders the opportunity to ask questions about TasNetworks 2024-29 transmission and distribution revenue proposal before submissions close on 12 May 2023. Presentations were delivered by the AER, the AER's Consumer Challenge Panel 27, and TasNetworks. The presentation slides are available below. 



Submissions to the Issues Paper closed on the 12 May 2023. The following submissions were received.

For submissions specific to the other 2024–29 businesses, please see the following links:

Late submissions

Submissions to the Issues Paper closed on 12 May 2023. The following late submission was received.

Expenditure forecasting methodology

On 29 June 2022, TasNetworks submitted the methodology it proposes to use to prepare the forecasts of operating expenditure and capital expenditure that form part of its regulatory proposal for both distribution and transmission.

TasNetworks will submit its revenue proposal for the 2024-29 regulatory control period by 31 January 2023.